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Social Artworking® is the perfect way to enjoy a night out (or in) with friends and family. With Social Artworking, an individual or group starts with a trendy 16" x 20" canvas art pattern and all the supplies needed to complete a canvas of their own. After a few hours of laughter and fun, they leave with a work of art that they created themselves.

The Social Artworking paint

Social Artworking paint

Social Artworking Canvas Art Acrylics were specially formulated to adhere to the Social Artworking pre-gessoed canvases, while also being able to stay "open" on the palette longer than most other acrylic paints. That means that you will have more time to play with the paints to create the desired shade, but the paints still dry on the canvas quickly. This is perfect for all of the Social Artworking designs because it allows you to move on to the next painting step with little time for drying (except where instructed).

Best of all, the paints are non-toxic and clean up easily with soap and water — two great benefits of painting with acrylics! Keep in mind that the colors are permanent, so you'll want to protect your clothing with an apron, and also protect other surfaces that you don't want paint on.

With true artist shades, the range of colors in the Social Artworking Canvas Art Acrylic line make it so easy for you to blend and mix your way to fun!

The Social Artworking brushes

Social Artworking brushes feature a blended and tapered golden synthetic filament and were designed to perform best with Social Artworking Canvas Art Acrylics. Each brush is numbered for quick and easy reference while painting.

Social Artworking paint

The Social Artworking patterns

Social Artworking paint

The basis of the Social Artworking program is the pattern, a 16" x 20" traceable line drawing of design elements that will assist you in successfully creating your work of art.

The Social Artworking program was created to get people to have fun painting again, and our easy design patterns remove the guesswork and challenge of drawing from the painting equation. If you can steadily hold a pencil and trace lines as directed, your success will be nearly guaranteed!

We have a full line of designs to accommodate a wide range of designs tastes, and our collection is always growing. You never know what fun, trendy new themes will show up in a new Social Artworking design pattern!

The Social Artworking Methodology

Each painting has been laid out in a full-color, step-by-step instructional method for you to easily follow. You will see the illustrated tips and instructions that are the basis of the program — the Social Artworking Methodology. Beginning painters can be easily intimidated in other situations, but the Social Artworking Methodology takes away that intimidation.

Because every canvas is a unique creation made by you, with your own artistic style, there's no right or wrong way to complete a step. However, if you feel you've strayed too far from the instructions, our collection of tips and tricks will help get you back on track.